Blog Example 2 - Buttermilk Production

To make our butter, fresh, sweet dairy cream is poured into a traditional barrel churn and left to churn until the fat in the cream breaks into ‘butter prills’. It is from this process that the buttermilk is produced.

After resting for 10 minutes, the buttermilk is drained out leaving behind the butter prills in the churn. The buttermilk is then ready to go through the next stages of being cultured.

We then pasteurise the buttermilk at 90 - 92°C for two minutes and then cool the buttermilk down to 28°C and transfer to the incubation tank. The buttermilk is then inoculated with correct culture, gently stirred and left to incubate for 10 - 12 hours until a PH of 4.5 - 4.6 is achieved.

The buttermilk is gently stirred again and cooled before being transferred to the potting machine.